Board of Ethics dismisses complaint by Denver police officer against City Councilwoman CdeBaca


DENVER (KDVR) — The Denver Board of Ethics announced Tuesday that it has dismissed the complaint filed by a Denver police officer against City Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca.

In the announcement, the Board of Ethics cited lack of jurisdiction for the reasoning behind the dismissal.

“The board is troubled by the allegations contained in this complaint. We expect all public employees and elected officials in the city and county of Denver to live up to the highest standard of ethical behavior,” shared the Denver Board of Ethics.

In the complaint filed on Sept. 4, Officer Mallory Lutkin said, “While standing on the line Denver City Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca arrived at the scene and demanded to speak with a supervisor. CdeBaca approached Officer Wallace Sam and I. CdeBaca pointed at Officer Sam (who is Black) and stated, ‘You should be ashamed.’ CdeBaca then pointed at me (I am white) and said, ‘You, I would expect this from you.’ CdeBaca went on to tell us to look up the laws pertaining to slavery. When CdeBaca made these statements toward me, I felt she was bringing in my race into the issue she had with officers being called to this area. The statements directed at me insinuated I am racist because I am white.”

FOX31 has requested the police body camera footage to provide a better understanding of the events.

Lutkin went on to explain the situation in her words.

“CdeBaca, while still standing in front of me stated, ‘They don’t [expletive] know they don’t know how to read.’ CdeBaca told people standing around her while commenting on police “This is some coward [expletive] [expletive] right here; they don’t know this [expletive] they do what they’re told.’ This was an attempt to ridicule police and further inflame an already tense situation. CdeBaca continued, ‘They’re [expletive] guard dogs; they’re just animals, like pit bulls, they’re [expletive] guard dogs.”’CdeBaca then made comments about Mayor Hancock. She stated, ‘The dumbass mayor sicking his dogs on his own [expletive] people,'” shared Lutkin in her complaint.

The City’s Code of Ethics is very specific about what the board can take action against — things like accepting gifts or employing a relative.

In dismissing the complaint, the board unanimously recommended including thesE comments in a letter of dismissal.

Board member Jane Feldman said, “I would like the executive director to include that this is not a frivolous matter. This case was not brought for purposes of harassment or anything of that nature. It simply does not allege a violation of the code.”

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The complaint also accuses CdeBaca of encouraging protestors to sue police officers.

The board of ethics said, “It expects public employees and elected officials to live up to the highest standard of ethical behavior, but ultimately we believe whatever the result will the councilwoman is responsible to both her constituents and other members of city council, and is not appropriate for board of ethics.”

The complaint was also filed with the Denver City Council and the City’s Office of Equal Employment Opportunity. It is unclear when those departments will take up the matter.

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