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CENTENNIAL, Colo. (KDVR) – A Centennial man describes a block of ice, nearly the length of half a football field, as an ice dam on his block.

It’s located at a neighborhood near Himalaya Street and East Smoky Hill Road. The ice patch goes further than Dale Brown’s sidewalk, onto the street.

Brown said the massive block of ice is thicker than half a foot in some places. It’s been there, Brown said, shrinking and growing again since the end of December.

Brown and his son-in-law have carved out paths, salted it and tried to make it smaller, but the ice remains.

The slippery ice block compelled Brown to reach out to Centennial Council Member Don Sheehan about this problem.

“The other day he sent me an email saying there’s a list, it’s a long list, you’re on it,” Brown said. “Maybe have some ice melt, put that down, go attack it with a shovel. That’s a quote.”

FOX31 reached out to Sheehan about this block. He forwarded the request to the city’s communications director. FOX31 is waiting on a response.

Brown said he and his son-in-law have tried to break down the ice but have had better luck making paths for their mail carrier instead to begin receiving their mail again.