DENVER, Colo. (KDVR) — Denver Public Schools’ Black Family Advisory Council plans on asking questions about the district’s use of school resource officers.

The council wants to make sure students of color, especially Black students, are not mistreated by SROs who are currently in schools. The group also wants to have a say in what a safety plan looks like in the future.

When school resource officers were put back in Denver Public Schools after the recent shooting at East High, the Black Family Advisory Council knew it would be asking a lot of questions.

“We want to create a plan and some policies and procedures so that our kids are safe while these SROs are in our schools,” council chair Tiffany Grays said.

The council says it’s ready to collaborate to make sure students are safe and protected from officers who might mistreat them.

“We as a community as a whole haven’t had any answers about: What are SROs doing? What are they not supposed to do? How are schools supposed to use them?” Grays asked.

Parents want answers on keeping students safe

Another organization called the Parent Safety Advocacy Group is also asking questions about SROs and support services.

“We believe that students can learn from their mistakes and can be offered second and third chances,” PSAG member Theresa Pena said.

Parent Vince Jordan just wants his daughter to feel safe.

“Instead of taking her around the country to look at schools, I’m sending her to a therapist,” Jordan said.

Jordan also wants answers about plans to keep kids safe.

“Why the secrecy? Why has there not been anything about what they are going to do?” Jordan asked.

Grays is confident the council will help come up with ideas on how to reduce school violence.