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Darci Bianchi lives in Golden and says she loves her neighbors. Even the ones who have suddenly been showing up on her doorstep.

Over the past week-and-a-half, Bianchi has noticed three big spiders, including a Black Widow, near her front door.

“The first one, I was coming out of the door,” she says.  “And it was coming straight at me.  It’s hard not to freak out a little.”

“This morning – the black widow bummed me out – and that’s the first one i got goosebumps…oh no – I can’t have you in my house.” shared Bianchi.

She used a shot glass to move the wolf spiders to a safer location.

Bianchi had to step up the size, using a wine glass to move the Black Widow to an area with more room to roam.

A local pest control company acknowledges it has seen an increase in spider-related calls.  Rain and two 100-degree days are considered the perfect recipe, they add.

Bianchi says she wonders if Halloween is coming early this year.

“I do enjoy them because they kill a lot of the bad bugs we don’t want. I enjoy freaking everybody out.” Bianchi stated.