LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — It was a beautiful weekend to get out and about across Colorado. Many people went to the mountains to do some biking and hiking.

Mike Stahl took these photos of big horn sheep and moose while visiting Rocky Mountain National Park over the weekend.

“The big horn sheep looked ragged but momma moose and her baby were super cool!” Stahl shared.

It is important to remember the “Rule of Thumb” while viewing wildlife. Colorado Parks and Wildlife said if your thumb can cover that entire animal when you put it up in front of you, generally you are at a safe distance. If your thumb does not cover that animal, you are too close and need to back away.

CPW also said that if wildlife gets too close to you and you get scared, you should remember “S.M.A.R.T”.

  • S: Stop! Do not run! If you run, the animal may chase
  • M: Make yourself look big! Put your hands over your head or pull your jacket up over your head. Look as big as you can so the animal knows that you are too tough to mess with.
  • A: Announce firmly “Leave me Alone!” This lets the animal know you are a person and it lets people around you know that you may be in trouble.
  • R: Retreat by backing away slowly. Do not turn your back to the animal.
  • T: Tell an adult about your encounter.

If you are attacked, fight back. CPW said people have successfully fought off predators with rocks, sticks and even their bare hands.