Bicycles have speed limits, too, Denver rangers warn

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DENVER (KDVR) — Denver park rangers want to make sure cyclists are keeping the trails safe by obeying the 15 miles per hour speed limit.

On Wednesday, Senior Park Ranger Corey Beaton used a radar gun along the Cherry Creek bike trail. As he stood along the trail near Speer Boulevard and Lawrence Street, he nudged cyclists to mind their acceleration.

“Careful on that speed, OK sir?” he said to a passing cyclist.

Beaton said his goal is safety, compliance and awareness, so he gives a lot of verbal warnings — although on a rare occasion, he does issue a citation.

“A lot of people aren’t aware that the speed limit is 15 miles per hour. I clocked you guys at 19,” he said to two cyclists. “Keep that in mind. Thanks ladies,” he said.

‘Safety is No. 1’

The Denver Parks and Recreation Department receives a number of complaints about speeding cyclists. Rangers conduct speed checks a few times per month at different locations.

Beaton said they’ve found cyclists traveling more than 30 miles an hour. In such instances, he said education is key.

“We have been to some pretty bad accidents,” he said.

Some trail users we spoke to said they appreciated the speed checks.

“It’s a great idea, because safety is No. 1 for everybody,” one man on the trail said.

But others said it was tough for them to always stay under the speed limit, because they are trying to get a good workout in.

With gas prices so high, rangers expect more bikes, e-bikes, skateboards and scooters on the trails.

Denver Parks and Rec said they’ve issued about 300 verbal warnings so far this year.

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