Bible stolen from VFW post

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VFW post 501 was the victim of a very unusual crime. Somebody stole their one-hundred-year old Bible that was on display. Problem Solvers want to get the word out and help these veterans get back a piece of their history.

On Dec. 16, 1920, VFW post 501 was chartered and named after Lt. Francis Lowry. “Our post was named after him – in honor of him – because he was from the Denver area,” Said Lexi Faulkner, VFW Post 501 Commander.

Right now, 364 veterans call 501 home, like Billy Archibeque, who served in Vietnam, “I’ve been in this post for 27 years.”

Artifacts and memorabilia from World War I up to Afghanistan can be found here. Of all the memories that are here, one of the most sacred was stolen on Valentine’s Day. It was a Bible, but not just any Bible, “It’s been a pretty sacred part of our our post history for a very long time,” said Faulkner.

“That’s a nice way of saying I was really really, I got really really pissed.”

Vietnam veteran Billy Archibeque found comfort in that holy book, “That Bible has always been there and I was always going up to it and touched it before I walked in the door.” Now, he’s mad. “I’m going to find it, we’re all looking for it.“

Cops were called and prints were taken but Faulkner is more interested in getting the Bible back than arresting someone, not for the monetary value, but for what it means for guys like Billy Archibeque. “Don’t come into, what I call home, and steal from my home.”

That Bible is not worth much money but if it was stolen because somebody wanted a Bible, well, the Problem Solvers will buy a new Bible and swap it out, no questions asked.

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