DENVER (KDVR) — U.S. News and World Report released the best places to live for 2023-2024 on Tuesday morning.

“The rankings are based on the details people consider most carefully when moving somewhere new, from the cost of living to the weather, and more minute factors like air quality and access to health care,” U.S. News & World Report said.

What Colorado cities made the list?

Two places in Colorado made the top 10 list of best places to live. Number four on the list is Boulder.

“Holding its spot at No. 4 for the second year in a row, Boulder has a strong job market and gets high marks for quality of life. The metro area’s average annual salary of $73,360 is nearly $15,000 above the national average, and the average monthly unemployment rate is just 2.69%,” U.S. News & World Report said.

At number nine is Colorado Springs.

“Steady population growth due to net migration and a consistently strong job market help get Colorado Springs to the No. 9 spot this year, but the metro area falls from the No. 2 spot in the overall best places to live ranking from last year,” U.S. News & World Report said.

What are the top 10 best places to live?

Here is a look at all 10 places that made the list:

  1. Green Bay, Wisconsin
  2. Huntsville, Alabama
  3. Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina
  4. Boulder, Colorado
  5. Sarasota, Florida
  6. Naples, Florida
  7. Portland, Maine
  8. Charlotte, North Carolina
  9. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  10. Fayetteville, Arkansas

What other places in Colorado made the top 25 list?

When it comes to the top 25 list of best places to live, Fort Collins checked in at number 23.

“This northern Colorado metro area ranks No. 15 for quality of life, which considers a wide variety of topics, including quality of education, access to quality health care, crime, air quality, general well-being and risk of and resilience to extreme weather. In particular, Fort Collins receives the 12th-highest score for college readiness among high school students,” U.S. News & World Report said.