DENVER (KDVR) — A bear was spotted throughout the day Thursday across multiple cities northwest of Denver.

The roving bear was last spotted in Lafayette, police there posted around 8 p.m. They said dispatchers were getting calls that the bear was sighted near Copper Stone apartments in the 700 block of Lafayette Drive.

Lafayette was the latest stop for the bear that came to the public’s attention earlier in the day. Police said it also was spotted multiple times on Thursday in Westminster and Broomfield.

The bear was seen in Broomfield in the area of Zuni Street and West 150th Avenue, according to the Broomfield Police Department. Police posted about the bear at 5:07 p.m.

A bear spotted in a Broomfield backyard on Sept. 7, 2023 (Submitted)

Residents in the area told FOX31 they got a reverse 911 notification about the bear around 6:30 p.m. Police said around 7 p.m. that the bear was last spotted west of the Wildgrass neighborhood heading out of the Broomfield area.

People were urged not to approach the bear if seen and to call 911 instead. Neighbors were also advised to bring their pets indoors.

Police and wildlife officers were monitoring.

Be ‘bear aware’

Bears are packing on the pounds right now before winter hibernation, a phase called hyperphagia.

Most Colorado bear incidents last year were reported in August, September and October, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. That’s when bears spend up to 20 hours a day seeking food to satisfy their pre-hibernation appetite of 20,000 calories.

That increased diet pushes bears to overcome their fear of humans, and CPW said it expects bears to be more active and venture toward humans in the coming months.

Keep bears out of the house with CPW’s bear-proofing tips:

  • Close and lock doors and windows
  • Bearproof trash cans
  • Guard windows with bars
  • Keep garage doors closed
  • Have an “unwelcome” mat
  • Keep car doors and windows closed and locked
  • Remove tree limbs near decks and windows
  • Install round door handles
  • Play talk radio when you leave home to deter bears

CPW said storing food, dog food or bird feed in the garage can also attract bears. It also said anything with an odor in cars or garages can attract bears, including (but not limited to) scented candles, air fresheners, soaps, lotions and lip balms.