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BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — The bear Colorado Parks and Wildlife relocated earlier this month was hit by a truck and killed Tuesday.

The bear had been relocated about 24 miles northeast after foraging through trash in residential areas in Boulder. CPW justified the relocation, saying the bear had become indifferent to human presence and would be safer in a new area.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife relocating the bear. Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Twitter

Unfortunately, the bear was hit by a truck on Highway 36 just 11 days after the relocation. The bear had traveled over 20 miles in that time to reach a food source.

The bear traveled 24 miles from its new location to find food. Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Twitter

“When relocating bears, there is no such thing as ‘far away’ or ‘pristine bear habitat.’ In the majority of attempts, bears cover many miles to go back to the areas where they know they can get food. That is a reason why we do not relocate every bear in conflict,” said CPW in a tweet.

CPW advises residents to make sure to secure their attractants. This means making sure trash can lids are bear-proof, and that no food is left out for bears to find.