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ASPEN, Colo. (KDVR) — Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers say a bear broke into an Aspen home for the second time in a month, and the third time since 2019.

Jason Clay with CPW said a wildlife officer responded to the home just before midnight on Monday.

The homeowner said it sounded like the bear was in the home around 9:30 p.m.

CPW said the bear broke through an upstairs locked window and got a food reward in the kitchen before being startled by the homeowner’s airhorn. Then, it broke out a window in the basement to exit.

Window the bear broke out of (Credit: CPW)

No injuries have been reported.

On July 24, there was another break-in by a bear at the same home, which resulted in the bear being euthanized, according to CPW.

According to CPW, a bear also broke into the same home in Aug. of 2019 by going through dead-bolted French doors to get into the refrigerator. That time, the homeowners walked downstairs to check on the noise and the bear ran out of the kitchen and left the house.

The home is located on a hillside covered with serviceberries and oak brush, which makes it common to have bear activity in the area. CPW said there is also a cherry apple tree right on the driveway, so there are lots of natural food sources in the area for bears.

The wildlife officer said the homeowners do a good job living in bear country. “They do not have any unnatural attractants out and it was good to see they had the airhorn available for them to use last night. This in part is an aspect of living in bear country, but also in part learned behavior by that bear.”

“If 95 percent of your community is doing everything right to live appropriately in bear country, but the other five percent is not, that is enough to habituate bears and their behavior can escalate to where they break into homes looking for food,” shared Clay.