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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — A bear wandered into a neighborhood and ended up in a tree too close to people Tuesday morning.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers, West Metro Fire and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office deputies worked together to get the bear out of the tree at W. Elmhurst Place and W. Friend Place. Elmhurst Place was blocked off until the bear was safely removed and is being relocated.

Why bears end up near people

It’s not uncommon for bears to gravitate toward more populated areas this time of year as they’re fattening up before hibernation. The bears go wherever they smell food to meet their 20,000-calorie mark to last them through their long slumber.

Some tips from CPW in order to keep bears away from your property:

  • Don’t feed bears, and don’t put out food for other wildlife that attracts bears. 
  • Be responsible about trash and bird feeders.
  • Burn food off barbeque grills and clean after each use.
  • Keep all bear-accessible windows and doors closed and locked, including home, garage and vehicle doors.
  • Don’t leave food, trash, coolers, air fresheners or anything that smells in your vehicle.
  • Pick fruit before it ripens, and clean up fallen fruit.
  • Talk to your neighbors about doing their part to be bear responsible.

CPW says to make loud noises such as yelling, clapping your hands or blowing a whistle to scare a bear off if you encounter one outdoors or it enters your home.