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BOULDER, Colo. — As bears prepare to hibernate, several communities in Colorado are asking residents to be extra careful.

Fall is prime time for black bears in Colorado to bulk up and store as much fat as possible before hibernation.

And with the cooler temperatures and shorter nights, Colorado Parks and Wildlife says there’s usually a tendency for people to start getting relaxed about good bear-proofing habits.

Boulder is looking to expand an ordinance requiring bear-resistant trash cans to neighborhoods east of Broadway as bear sightings are up in some of those neighborhoods.

The city is also looking at educating residents to be more aware of the things they are doing that attract bears such as putting out bird feeders.

Officials also say that fruit trees can attract bears so they recommend residents gather the fallen and low-hanging fruit and secure it where bears can’t get to it.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said that if anyone sees a bear, get to a safe place and do whatever it takes to make them feel uncomfortable.

Bears will eat for 20 hours a day and consume 20,000 calories during this time of year.