AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — The Problem Solvers were contacted by multiple residents at the Bayberry Condominiums in Aurora because they say the elevator in the building has been broken for nearly six weeks.

“Many of us are seniors. We don’t walk very well,” said Geoffrey Jones, who has owned his condo in the building for 15 years.

The neighbors said the broken elevator is impacting their ability to go about their everyday lives.

“It’s horrible to be in this situation. I can’t go out every two to three days,” said Alberta Brewer, who has owned her condo in the building for 17 years.

When many of the residents purchased their properties at the complex, the elevator was a deciding factor. Many are in their 70s and 80s and need walkers or canes to get around.

“I’m paranoid of falling. I’m so scared of falling,” Brewer said.

Residents suffer 20-minute trips up the stairs

The only way for everyone to get up from the basement-level parking garage is the stairs. For everyone on the second and third floors, they still have multiple more flights to climb on top of that.

From the basement floor to the third floor, there are 64 stairs in total, one resident counted. Some said it takes them 20 minutes to get up to their front doors.

“I’m holding on for my life. I go up and I’ve almost fallen. I’m too afraid to go down every day,” said Lola Walton, who has owned her condo in the building for five years.

The units are owned by individual owners but managed by a homeowners association company called Hammersmith Management. FOX31 reached out to the company multiple times, asking what was the status of the elevator. On Tuesday morning, the HOA said it was aware of the issue.

HOA: No ETA for replacement elevator part

The HOA then pointed to the law firm Orten Cavanagh Holmes & Hunt LLC. FOX31 requested a statement from attorney Joseph A. Bucceri about the status of the elevator.

Bucceri passed along the following information:

“The Bayberry Condominiums Association, Inc. is aware of the outage for the elevator in building 481. The Association, through its management company, has contracted with an elevator repair company to complete the necessary repairs. Per the vendor, a specific part that is needed to complete the repairs to the elevator.

As of yesterday, August 22, 2022, the vendor indicated to the Association that they are diligently working to procure said part deemed necessary to place the elevator back in service. The Association has not received an expected date of arrival from the vendor for this component.”

Joseph A. Bucceri

The residents hope the update won’t cost them more money. Right now, they said their HOA fees are already high, with the majority of them paying more than $500 a month for the HOA. The HOA fee is based on the square footage in their units.