Bar, smoking lounge closed due to COVID-19 violations, 13 others businesses ticketed between Aug. 7-9


DENVER (KDVR) – The Denver Department of Public Health has continued its enforcement of mask wearing and other COVID-19-related health requirements, and this past weekend that included closing two businesses.

One of those businesses was Williams Tavern on 17th Avenue near Logan Street. According to DDPHE, the bar was serving alcohol after 10 p.m. in violation of an order from Gov. Polis and did not have food available for patrons. Additionally, inspectors determined there was no social distancing.

The other business that was closed was Tetra. located at 3030 Walnut St., Tetra markets itself as “Denver’s premiere private smoking lounge.” Health inspectors reported that Tetra violated rules for on-site consumption of smoking products and had not corrected violations from the previous weekend.

In addition to these two closures, 13 businesses were ticketed, most for employees not properly wearing face coverings.

  1. 8/9 – JD’s Bar (201 W. 48th Ave.) – ticketed for two employee not wearing face coverings.
  2. 8/9 — Hob Nob events “Pearl St. Market” (1400 S. Pearl St.) – ticketed for multiple vendors not masked and event coordinator not wearing a mask.
  3. 8/9 – WABI (490 South Santa Fe Dr.) – ticketed for instructor and dancers not wearing face masks while indoors.
  4. 8/9 — Restaurant Depot (1740 W. 13th) – ticketed for  multiple employees not properly wearing face coverings while near each other.
  5. 8/8 — Reiver’s Bar and Grill (1085 S. Gaylord St.) – ticketed for employee not wearing a face covering.
  6. 8/8 — Tetra (3039 Walnut St.) – ticketed, placard, and closure for violations of on-site consumption of smoking products, and facility did not correct orders and GV previously issued on 7/31.
  7. 8/8 — W. T Shorty’s Sports Grill (990 S. Oneida St.) – ticketed for 2 employees not wearing face coverings in the kitchen.
  8. 8/8 — Capitol Hill Liquor (1032 E. 9th Ave.) – ticketed for employee not wearing a face covering while helping patron.
  9. 8/7 — Williams Tavern (423 E. 17th Ave.) – ticketed, placard, and closure for serving alcohol after 10 pm. No access to food after 10 pm, patrons ordering drinks from bar where drinks are prepared. Patrons mingling, no social distancing, and little face covering compliance.
  10. 8/7 — Nativ Hotel (1612 Wazee St.) – ticketed for one employee not wearing a face covering and mingling.
  11. 8/7 — Arby’s  (8850 E. Hampden Ave.) – ticketed for one employee not wearing mask and another employee not properly wearing a mask.
  12. 8/7 — McDonald’s (505 E. Colfax Ave.) – ticketed for 4 out of 8 employees not properly wearing face masks.
  13. 8/7 — Pynergy Petroleum Co; Phillips 66 (4001 Colorado Blvd.) — Violation of face covering order by employee.
  14. 8/7 — Pizza and Grill (990 N. Lincoln St.) ticketed for 2 out of the 4 employees not properly wearing masks.
  15. 8/7 — Big Bear Ice Rink (8580 Lowry Blvd.) – ticketed for staff and patron not wearing face coverings indoors during follow-up visit.

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