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DENVER — This year’s election moves into high gear on Monday when millions of ballots will be mailed to registered voters across the state.

In all, 3 million ballots will be mailed in the state, including 400,000 in the city and county of Denver.

The ballot is a big one with a lot of state and local elections, and ballot issues.

The key is to fill it out and return it before Election Day on Nov. 6.

“The state blue book is already out, the Denver voter guide will be out before you get a ballot,” said Alton Dillard with the Denver Elections Division. “You can still take your time to do research, but you will have your ballot three weeks before Election Day, so go do your research, but please don’t wait to return it or vote in person.”

Voters can register up to Election Day, but Oct. 29 is the last day to register and still get a ballot mailed.

In Denver, there are 28 around-the-clock drop boxes that will open on Monday and 29 vote centers will be available during the next couple of weeks.