DENVER (KDVR) — The Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets are in the playoffs, which is great for the Mile High City, but means a lot of work for the crew at Ball Arena.

Both teams start at home for the first-round series of their postseasons and the games are bunched together. The Ball Arena crew has limited time to change out the accommodations for the appropriate sport.

Denver will play Game 1 against the Minnesota Timberwolves Sunday night and the Avalanche face off against the Seattle Kraken in their Game 1 on Tuesday night. Although there is that day off in between, the Avs are scheduled to practice at Ball Arena on Monday, so the crew will need to turn over the hardwood to the ice.

The crew will have to do it again after the Avs Tuesday night game, which starts at 8 p.m. so it will be a late end, back to hardwood as the Nuggets are scheduled to play Game 2 at 8 p.m. on Wednesday.

With another late-starting game, the crew will have to book it to convert the arena back to ice as the Avalanche will have a morning skate and play Game 2 at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday.

While most people are asleep between midnight and 4 a.m., crews will take apart pieces of the Nuggets court to reveal the ice underneath for Avalanche games.

“We have the Nuggets tonight, we’ll be converting after the game to get in hockey for practice, then we have a hockey game on Tuesday, converting that night, basketball game on Wednesday, converting that night, hockey game on Thursday and then we have practice on Friday before we go into a concert this weekend,” Matt Mennona said.

Mennona, the director of conversion at Ball Arena, said there are 233 pieces that make up the entire Nuggets basketball court. It takes a crew of 22 people, four hours at most, to get this process done and rebuilt all over again.