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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — Fifteen days after he disappeared, there is still no sign of missing El Paso County 11-year-old Gannon Stauch.

Authorities have invested more than 2,600 hours of investigative work into the search. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office has received almost 400 tips.

While police continue their search and investigative efforts, neighbors are trying to show the Stauch family that they are supported.

Local baker and owner of Cake Fashion by Bella Marie, Isabella Telles, has never actually met the Stauch family but she has a 10-year-old daughter herself.

“I just feel very invested in him and doing whatever we can to support Gannon and his family,” Telles said.

Telles and her daughter decided to donate 100% of their Valentine’s profits from Cake Fashion by Bella Marie to the Stauch family.

From Feb. 12 to 14, every penny from macaroons, stuffed cheesecake donuts and cookie sales will be donated to Gannon’s loved ones. People can submit their orders on her Facebook page.

“I just want them to know that we’re here for them — that they do have people that support them 100%,” Telles said, adding, “If that just means a few days of profits, that’s fine. That’s not a big deal compared to what they are going through.”

The Restoration Church where Gannon, his stepmother and father would regularly attend first offered up their property to make a pop-up command center two weeks ago.

“He’s just a precious little guy, handsome and fun and all boy,” Restoration Church Pastor Paul Aragon said, adding, “We miss the high fives of him coming through the hallways.”

As search locations and efforts shifted law enforcement in new directions, the church found a new way to foster support for the Stauchs by creating a donation page on their website.

The church has already cut the family a check from 100% of donations submitted under “Gannon Stauch Support” on their website and will continue to do so weekly.

“They are overwhelmed by the love and support,” Aragon said. “Whether it be the prayers, the search efforts, the financial efforts, I think it just moves them to a place of encouragement in some tough times.”