DENVER (KDVR) — On Friday, there were noticeably more people out and about around the metro area, including in downtown Denver.

It’s the polar opposite of what we saw over the last 48 hours because of that polar plunge. But things are slowly returning to normal.

FOX31 came up on a group that was part of a walking tour. No one in it had cold feet – so to speak – as they braved the cold conditions, albeit not as cold as the records set this week.

“It’s nice, you know. It’s a balmy 12 (degrees),” Nathan Baumgart said. He’s one of the owners of the Delicious Denver Food Tour. FOX31 spoke with him, inside of a warm restaurant of course.

“We’re fortunate that our business spends a lot of the time indoors,” he added.

Tours resume, Zoo Lights returns

Normally, he leads a group to about half a dozen restaurants over the course of three hours, rain, or shine. But they had to call an arctic audible this week.

“We definitely canceled all of our tours (Thursday),” Baumgart said. He said “(we) ended up moving a number of people.” He also said that “travelers aren’t always keeping as close a track of the weather as they come in,” and because of that, they waived a lot of their cancellation policies this week because of the inclement weather.

Chris Traphagan was on that tour Friday with his wife and parents. The active Air Force service member said he didn’t really mind the temperatures on Friday.

“Seeing family here in Colorado is important to us,” he said. “We spend a few hours together and different experiences is what we wanted to do.”

Down the road at the Denver Zoo, Zoo Lights returned Friday after a one-day hiatus.

Crews spent the week checking pipes as zookeepers spent the week ensuring the mental and physical health of the animals. Crews were also shoveling snow just hours before it reopened, just another sign of families turning loose as the polar plunge begins to loosen its cold-hard grip ahead of Christmas.