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DENVER (KDVR) — Edwin Fischer spent his first 452 days in the hospital, but he finally got to go home with his parents.

Edwin had been at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in Denver since March 2019, and he was released on Monday.

“He’s never been out of the hospital,” said his mother, Riley Fischer.

She and Edwin’s father, Dustin, were very busy Tuesday trying to get Edwin adjusted to his new life at home.

The one-year-old has a tracheostomy, ventilator and feeding tube.

“It’s a lot, but we are so happy. We’ve been waiting so long for this,” Riley said. 

Edwin has had quite the journey. He was born 12 weeks premature in Nebraska, in the middle of the “bomb cyclone.”

FOX31 covered his story then.

His lungs were not yet developed, and the small hospital did not have the medication he needed to survive. Edwin could not be transported because of the storm. So, law enforcement officers drove the life-saving medicine to the Nebraska hospital in the storm, and baby Edwin survived the night.

The next day, when storm had cleared, Edwin was brought to Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, where he has been until now. 

Dr. Malcolm Anderson treated Edwin.

“It’s been very rewarding and enjoyable to see him come this far and be able to go home,” Anderson said. “Maybe three, four years down the road from now he’ll be running around without a tracheostomy, without a ventilator, without a feeding tube, and he’ll be like a normal little boy.”

The Fischer family has moved from Nebraska to Aurora, and says they are grateful for all the care.