DENVER (KDVR) — Shelves across the nation are looking barren yet again. This time, families are on the hunt for baby formula after a nationwide recall from a major producer and supply chain issues.
President Joe Biden unveiled his strategy to help more families get their hands on the items.

Families and people working with infants here in Colorado said they have definitely seen an impact but they are finding ways to get formula until we see the results of the president’s plan.

Like many other parents across the nation, Liz Hamel of Broomfield is looking to get some formula for her 3-month-old. She uses a special product for sensitive digestive systems and could not find it in stores.

“This is our last can that we have. so I was looking to buy more and it’s sold out right now,” Hamel said. “I typically shop at the Orchard Target and they were completely out of any Similac formulas. You don’t want to be changing the baby’s formula because it really messes with their digestive system. So it’s not like I can just go and pick any formula I want off the shelf and just start feeding him.”

She ended up finding the product she needed on Amazon Canada. President Biden is hoping other parents are also able to get an assist for formula from another country, but the plan is for the government to expedite the products’ importing. He is also calling on attorneys general around the nation to crack down on price gouging/ He also made a move for the USDA to allow families on WIC to purchase different sizes and variations of formula that typically wouldn’t be WIC-eligible.

Others in the community are helping to meet the need too. Rebecca Heinrich is the director of Mother’s Milk Bank. She said the organization, which collects and donates breast milk to hospitals and mothers in need, has seen an increase in calls as formula becomes harder to find.

“There is understandably a lot of concern from parents out there. They are having difficulty getting food for their infants,” said Rebecca Heinrich, Mother’s Milk Bank director. “I am happy to say we do have milk available but, similar to what’s going on in stores, we are rationing. We want to make sure we have enough for everybody so we can’t let someone take an unlimited amount. We’re trying to limit it to enough to get them through the next few days and then we can reassess.”

Mother’s Milk Bank is accepting donations from the community. If you want to donate, reach out to them here and they will walk you through the screening process.

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