LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — A Lakewood mother is helping those across the country deal with the baby formula crisis.

Emily Swanson, an attorney, wife and mother of two young boys, recently started the Facebook page called “Nationwide Formula Search.”

“I have friends driving to 10 to 20 stores, trying to find what they need, and, they can’t,” Swanson said.

The Facebook page is a nationwide meeting place for families looking for baby formula or those willing to look for formula at their nearby store, take a picture of available inventory then post to the page. The last step would be to ship the formula.

To date, Swanson said her group has more than 40 shipments, which includes more than 300 cans. She said the group has about 250 members.

“You always hear it takes a village,” she said. “And it really does!”

If you are interested in helping, here is a link to the group.