BRIGHTON, Colo. (KDVR) — Brighton resident Carrie Brackett said she tried to save a next-door neighbor’s baby, who died with fentanyl and meth in her system.

“It was awful. It was one of the worst things to happen to us,” she said.

Brackett raced next door in early January after hearing the cries of her parents.

“I heard the dad, Alonzo, come out and he sounded very frantic! I heard the mother say, ‘My baby isn’t breathing!’”

The baby was eventually pronounced dead. Brackett believes the little girl may have been dead for hours. The parents face charges.

Brackett said the unit next door was known for its drug activity.

“We were pretty disgusted, because we knew they were doing drugs,” she said.

Brackett hopes the little girl didn’t suffer.

“I just hope she didn’t suffer and I just hope,” Brackett said, “may God bless her heart and she rest in peace.“