DENVER (KDVR) — Two men killed in a weekend avalanche spent some of their final moments heroically, according to a Grand County family. 

KJ and Justin Anderson said they were on their way to go snowmobiling outside of Winter Park Saturday when they slid off the road.

“My husband put his truck just off where they snowplow it, and it looks like a road but it’s not,” said KJ. 

Efforts to pull out the truck proved futile until a truck with three men pulled up. Two of those men were Darrin Kaderka and Bruce Dejong. 

“They pulled up and rolled down their windows and offered. [They] said they just have a much heavier truck, and it should be pretty easy.”

After pulling out the truck, she said both parties continued on with their journeys. 

“When we heard that night that a couple of people had died, we were really worried that it was the guys we saw,” KJ said.

After seeing photos, KJ realized that was the case.

“It broke my heart for that family. It just broke my heart. I thought they need to know what a great guy he was.”

KJ sent the story to FOX31’s Evan Kruegel, who passed it along to DeJong’s fiancé, Becky. 

“Honesty, I’m at a loss for words,” Becky said. “It makes me feel really good. That’s who Bruce was, and I’m just thankful that he was able to help someone.”