DENVER (KDVR) — With more than 200,000 fans expected to pack the parades and rallies honoring the Colorado Avalanche on Thursday, teams are working on ways to make sure the public stays safe and cool in the crowds.

If you or a fellow Avalanche fan gets into trouble Thursday, Denver Health Paramedics Division is spreading out around the crowds and shouldn’t be too far. Eight Denver Health bike medics will be spread out along the parade route. In Civic Center Park, there will be multiple ambulances and the Denver Health Gator, which looks like a golf cart and can carry a person on a stretcher through a big crowd.

Julie Arellano, the assistant chief of Denver Health’s Paramedic Division, remembers being part of those responding to emergencies for the parade honoring the Broncos’ Super Bowl win.

“I think we had very few calls for that one, surprisingly, and I think it was a couple of medical issues and some trip-and-falls, people trying to walk through the crowds and missing a step on the sidewalk,” Arellano said. “So having good shoes, sturdy shoes, is really important, watching where you’re walking and watching other people.”

Protect yourself with water, shade and the right shoes

With temperatures expected to heat up on Thursday, Arellano suggests bringing plenty of water, looking for shaded spots and wearing sunscreen and closed-toed shoes.

Along with EMTs, Red Cross will have a big response truck and some extra water should fans run out of their own.

“If anyone needs some general first aid, they need a Band-Aid, they need some ibuprofen, we’ll be there to take care of them,” said Catie Ballenger with the American Red Cross of Colorado and Wyoming.

According to the Denver Office of Emergency Management, the mayor has given the green light to activate the emergency operations center. If there’s a weather or safety threat, you can expect to get an alert on your phone, similar to an Amber Alert, telling you what to do and how to get to safety. There is no need for fans to sign up.

“They will be sent automatically based on your geographic location, and we would only send those should you need to take protective action to remain safe,” Denver OEM Marketing Communications Manager Mikayla Ortega said.

How to prepare for the Avs parade in Denver

Beyond bringing the water and sunscreen, Denver OEM suggests preparing with these tips:

  • Have an emergency plan in case you and your family need to evacuate during the celebration. Pre-determining a central meeting place will be crucial if technology fails.
  • Carry cash in small bills in case technology fails.
  • Write your name, address and phone number on a piece of paper and place it in your child’s sock or shoe should you become separated.
  • Carry an Emergency Health Information card with you. If you don’t have one, create one that includes your name, address, emergency contact, birth date, blood type, health insurance and health care provider info.

Get all the information on the parade, including a map of the route and rally, here.