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LAKE CITY, Colo. — Three people were injured after an avalanche hit and destroyed the home of Hinsdale County Sheriff Justin Casey early Tuesday morning, the Hinsdale County Sheriff’s Office said.

The avalanche hit about 6:30 a.m. on Hinsdale County Road 30 south of Lake City.

Casey was in the home with his two minor daughters at the time. Two suffered minor injuries and one suffered serious injuries.

It took about an hour for about 15 responders from a variety of agencies to locate and evacuate everyone. The three were taken to a hospital to be treated for injuries.

Heavy snow is continuing to fall in and around the Lake City area and there is still concern for additional avalanches.

Residents who live at the bottom of steep slopes are being advised of the potential for additional avalanches, the sheriff’s office said. Mandatory evacuations have not been issued.

Lake City has about 800 people and is at the bottom of a valley at 8,660 feet. The town is only accessed by Highway 149 and is about 55 miles southwest of Gunnison and 70 miles northwest of South Fork.