DENVER (KDVR) — It took some effort, but one of the biggest Avalanche fans from Canada was able to attend Friday’s game.

Elise Simard has faced health challenges her whole life, even up until her trip to see the Avalanche play in Denver.

“What’s your favorite part of the hockey game,” Christy Simard, Elise’s mother asked her. “Fist-bumping the boys!” she asked.

Thanks to donations, she and her mother were able to make the trip from Saskatchewan, Canada, to Denver.

Her attachment to the team started with current Avalanche center, Alex Newhook.

“There’s a chance to win an Alex Newhook autographed puck tonight, so we have to be there in time for that,” Simard said.

Her trip was made sweeter when she won that autographed puck on Friday, before the game.

Simard said this latest adventure has made Avalanche fans far away from Denver.

“I think it’s encouraged more fandom in our area and with our friends and family,” Simard said.

“I have people that have never watched hockey, that are watching hockey because of this, and because of Elise,” Simard said.

Elise would have gone to a game in town earlier this series.

“It worked out, it was meant to be,” Simard said.

Elise and her mother fly back to Canada on Saturday.