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AUSTIN, Texas — The alleged Austin serial bomber’s  has family who lives in Colorado, including his grandmother, who said Wednesday that her grandson was a quiet, kind and loving person and she had never seen any signs of malice or violence in him.

“Oh my gosh, no,” Mary Conditt said of Mark Anthony Conditt, speaking on the phone from Colorado. “If anything, he’s low-key and peaceful.

“He’s from a family that is so tight, that works so hard to raise their children correctly. It’s just horrible.”

Mark Conditt’s father lived in Colorado during the mid- to late 1980s.

Mark Conditt, 23, killed himself early Wednesday after police, who had been staking out his hotel, followed him onto Interstate 35.

“I would say to everybody, this is a horrible, horrible thing. You just never know,” Conditt’s aunt said. “It’s just awful and I’m so sorry that everybody’s dealing with this.

“I have no idea [why he did this]. He was at my Christmas table. He was a great kid. He was smart, loving, kind. I have no idea who this person is.”

After a short time, authorities said, Conditt pulled into a ditch and detonated an explosive device as Austin Police Department SWAT team members approached his car.

That he could be a skilled bomb maker responsible for at least six explosive devices, five of which detonated, over an almost three-week period in Austin and outside San Antonio seemed unthinkable to Mary Conditt said.

She added Mark Conditt had finished his home-schooling and was “looking forward to figuring out what most kids are — figuring out his life and visiting his family and being close to them.”

Jeff Reeb, who lives near Mark Conditt’s parents in Pflugerville, Texas, north of Austin, said he saw the accused serial bomber a week or two ago.

Reeb’s grandchildren used to play with Conditt, he said, describing him as a normal kid who was a little quiet.

Though surveillance photos show him wearing a baseball cap with long blond hair coming out of it as he dropped off packages in in a mail delivery office in Sunset Valley, southwest of Austin, a Facebook photo shows Conditt with short, dark hair.

Police confirmed the man seen in the surveillance photos is Conditt.

Conditt attended Austin Community College from 2010 to 2012 but did not graduate, according to school records, spokeswoman Jessica Vess said. He has not attended any classes since 2012, she said.

Police said Conditt is responsible for the bombings in Austin, but they are still investigating why he carried them out.

It’s unclear if Conditt had any accomplices. It appears he was alone when he drove away from the hotel in Round Rock and when he detonated a device in his car.