AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — An Aurora woman is thankful for her life after her apartment was shot up early Sunday morning.

A total of three shots went through the apartment of Antisha Johnson. It was early Sunday morning when Johnson woke to several loud noises. But she didn’t think much of it until she woke up when her girlfriend came home from an overnight shift and saw the marks on the wall.

“I was very scared. I quickly put two and two together that that’s what the banging was that I heard. I mean, I’m just pretty much terrified and lucky to be alive,” Johnson said.

Aurora Police said they found at least four shell casings in the parking lot, with two bullets recovered from Johnson’s apartment. One bullet missed her head by mere inches. It was lodged in the wall after being stopped by a nail.

Her 2-year-old daughter was asleep in the next room.

“That’s my main priority, is my daughter. I was just so glad that she was OK, but I can’t sleep at night. Just looking at these holes brings me PTSD, like even though I didn’t know what was happening in the moment, think of what could have happened.”

HUD-funded apartment restricts woman’s ability to move

She’s been in contact with her property management about how she can feel safe again. She requested to be moved out of the unit, but since she gets rental help through the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, options are limited.

“My hope was that they move me to a vacant apartment over here or to a new property, but since I’m on HUD, they’re telling me to move me to another property, I would have to join that property’s waitlist, and my property has no vacant units. So they’ve pretty much told me that there is nothing they can do for me and that this could happen anywhere,” Johnson said.

Aurora’s crime data map shows this is an active area. But Johnson said just because she lives in a high-crime area she shouldn’t be subject to crime, and she feels she isn’t getting the best treatment because she’s on HUD.

FOX31 spoke with the property management company for the complex and they explained those limited options but said they are working with Johnson and HUD to make her feel safe again.

They said they would send more information and a statement via email, but FOX31 has yet to receive that response.