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AURORA, Colo. — Aurora residents who and are tired of red light cameras will soon have a chance to vote to have them removed.

The Aurora City Council has approved a ballot measure for the November election asking residents whether they should keep the cameras in place or abolish the program known as Photo Red.

The question will ask: “Shall Aurora continue to issue photo red light tickets to drivers that enter an intersection after the traffic light turns red?”

Many drivers who are frustrated with the program are eager to cast their vote.

“They are awful — they are awful,” Aurora resident Betty Shoules said. “I think they are making money illegally and they are no use to us.”

However, others believe residents should think twice before getting rid of the program.

“I was the only council member opposed to putting it on the ballot,” said Aurora City Councilman Charles Richardson.

The council member said Photo Red produces $1.4 million for programs aimed at helping those affected by homelessness, mental health issues and child abuse.

“If Photo Red goes away, you and I are going to have to share the $1.4 million as opposed to those who don’t stop for red lights,” Richardson added.

Currently, there are 14 intersections in Aurora with red light cameras. The expectation is that if the votes approves the program to keep going, more would be installed.

Colorado law states that you must be served a summons from a red light camera in person. Technically, a person can ignore summons that appear in the mail.