AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Aurora residents can have their sprinkler system inspected by the pros for free as part of the water assessment program.

“The idea is we come out and help you assess your water irrigation system for efficiency. We look at every zone, provide you with a map and a full detailed report,” Tim York, Aurora water conservation supervisor said.

A team of water wizards will touch, look at and listen to your system, make notes, confer with each other and give you the results at no cost. 

“The report is emailed within a week of the assessment, it’s a great screenshot of the assessment as a whole, we include a prioritized list of recommendations, some issues are more serious than others and require soon as possible fixing,” Brendan Smith, Aurora water conservation specialist said. 

What you do with the results is up to you. It might be surprising to learn that some of that ever-thirsty grass on your property could actually go.

“You don’t need grass here you’re just watering it and mowing it while I have grass? No one is playing on it,” Smith said.

For example, a small patch of grass about 450 square feet will require around 8,000 gallons of water every season.

“Kentucky bluegrass needs 17.5 gallons per square foot, per season. And that is if the irrigation system is 100% efficient,” York said.

Replace it with mulch, shrubs and bushes, and just check with your HOA. But do not worry, your homeowners association cannot force you to keep that grass. Thanks to Colorado state law.