AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Suspicions have arisen in Aurora about why a voter ballot box was plowed down by a construction truck just a week before the Nov. 7 election.

The box is located at 1585 Kingston near Colfax Avenue.

Adams County Clerk and Recorder Josh Zygielbaum told FOX31 the incident is under investigation and provided the Problem Solvers with a video showing what happened.

“A dump truck was pulling away from where it was working and happened to run into the box,” Zygielbaum said.

Dr. Thomas Mayes is president of the Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance, pastor of the adjacent Living Water Christian Center and at-large candidate for Aurora City Council. Mayes told FOX31 his first reaction to learning the box was struck was suspicion.

“I’m taking it personal, because this particular ballot box is at my church, my name is on the front of the church, my name is on the ballot. It looks to me like a form of intimidation,” Mayes said.

FOX31 shared the information provided by the county clerk and showed Mayes the video.

“Well, that proof would be, should be offered to us,” Mayes said, referring to the clerk’s office.

Video shows a construction truck plow down a ballot box in Aurora
Video shows a construction truck plow down a ballot box in Aurora. (Credit: Adams County Clerk and Recorder)

Will the ballot box be replaced?

Zygielbaum told the Problem Solvers that making sure every voter has access to a convenient ballot box is a top priority.

“It has to be serious, elections are the foundation of democracy,” he said.

Other ballot boxes are available to residents near East Colfax Avenue and Kingston Street.

“Within walking distance, we do have two other boxes and a vote center,” Zygielbaum said.

Mayes said not having the ballot box at 1585 Kingston St. may impact the election.

“We’re having a difficult time just getting people to vote, but then you’re going to ask them to walk a mile one direction or the other to vote — they’re not going to do that when their main concern is how are they going to eat, pay the rent,” Mayes said.

Zygielbaum told FOX31 that a bipartisan team of election workers will be present to collect ballots during the traditional “Souls To The Polls” event on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Clerk and Recorder’s office had already planned to replace the ballot box with a much larger one. It is scheduled to be installed within the next two months.