AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — If Aurora helped Denver police the 2020 protests, which city is responsible for the lawsuits that followed?

That’s the crux of a new lawsuit filed Friday in Denver District Court. It pits Aurora against Denver over liability in the 2020 protest response, when some protesters suffered severe injuries at the hands of police. Aurora and its police officers were named as co-defendants in at least a handful of such claims.

“Aurora has repeatedly asked Denver to confirm that it will indemnify Aurora or otherwise assume responsibility for these claims as required by state law and the parties’ longstanding practice and agreement,” the lawsuit claims. “Denver has refused, and so Aurora now seeks a declaration establishing that Denver does in fact have that obligation.”

Denver’s protests began on May 28, 2020, just three days after police killed George Floyd in Minneapolis. The city’s massive law enforcement response brought in officers from jurisdictions all around the metro area, including Aurora.

Protesters were hurt throughout that summer, and a number of them took their cases to court. In one case, a federal jury awarded a group of protesters more than $14 million.

Aurora claims that Denver asked for its help and should be responsible for any claims that arose.

“Denver had Aurora’s consent to supervise and control the Aurora law enforcement officers who responded to the call to aid, and Denver was in a position to exercise that supervision and control,” the lawsuit claims.

FOX31 has reached out to the city of Denver for comment.