AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Levels of happiness can differ from person to person at any given time. Different factors can impact how someone feels, especially when it comes to financial stress and environment.

WalletHub recently conducted a study of the happiest places to live in the United States.

During the study, they compared 182 of the largest cities by using three factors: emotional and physical well-being, income and employment, and community and environment. They also data from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, FBI, CDC, among others.

Where does Aurora rank for happiness?

The data showed Aurora with a better happiness ranking than Denver. Aurora ranked 48th and Denver came in at 58th, according to WalletHub’s research.

What are the happiest cities in the United States?

Here is a look at the top 10 happiest cities in the U.S., according to WalletHub.

  1. Fremont, California
  2. San Jose, California
  3. Madison, Wisconsin
  4. Overland Park, Kansas
  5. San Francisco, California
  6. Irvine, California
  7. Columbia, Maryland
  8. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  9. South Burlington Virginia
  10. Burlington, Virginia

Ways to live a happier life

According to Mayo Clinic, energy management can help you live a happier life.

“Think of your energy as a limited resource, like money in an account. You begin the day with a certain amount to spend. The amount varies from person to person based on factors, such as age, sleep, stress levels, medical conditions and lifestyle,” Mayo Clinic said.

“Activities and interactions withdraw energy from or deposit energy into your account. While you may not always have control over activities that deplete your energy, you can take steps to deposit more energy into your account.”

Here are some things Mayo Clinic said you can do to increase your energy.

  • Eat nourishing food- a balanced diet high in fruits and vegetables, lean protein, low-fat dairy, and whole grains
  • Prioritize sleep- sleep seven to eight hours each night
  • Keep company with good people- “Connecting with others who radiate positivity and have similar interests will excite and energize you,” Mayo Clinic said.
  • Get regular exercise- Contrary to what you might believe, this will add to your energy account and not subtract from it.
  • Do something meaningful each day that you feel passionate about

You can also make incremental changes so you’re not overwhelming yourself and depleting your energy.