AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — The Aurora Police Department is finalizing plans to use a new artificial intelligence software called Truleo. The technology will monitor and analyze body cam footage for each officer.

“Finally, thank goodness there’s a tool that I believe will be a game changer,” said Interim Chief Art Acevedo who worked as a strategic advisor for Truleo before joining the department.

The software recognizes each officer’s individual voice and will record and monitor their interactions and score them based on positive and negative interactions. The software transcribes the speech and looks for keywords.

It can identify positive interactions like politeness or gratitude. The technology also highlights risky behavior like profanity, insults or threats. It takes it a step further by tracking the context of the interaction.

“It is a tool that will actually score and identify risky behavior, not just from the officer, but also from the member of the public that we’re encountering in a traffic stop, in an arrest,” said Acevedo. “It will also identify instances where we’re actually doing good police work.”

The software will then alert the supervisors of both good and bad behaviors for the department and individuals to review. Acevedo said it will help to identify and correct any issues early on.

“If we start seeing any early indications of an officer’s behavior going a different direction, we can really intervene very early, and I believe that a tool like this will help us save lives, marriages, careers, and that’s a win for everyone,” Acevedo said.

The software will cost about $200,000, and the department plans to roll it out in the next couple of weeks.