DENVER (KDVR) — The Aurora Police Department released the body camera video of a deadly police shooting of a 14-year-old boy last week.

Jor’Dell Richardson allegedly robbed a convenience store near 8th Avenue and Dayton Street and was caught in an alley behind the small strip mall. Police had said Jor’Dell was armed when an officer shot and killed him last Thursday.

Police said there was a group of teenagers with hoodies and masks on running from them before the shooting.

In a press conference Friday, interim Aurora Police Chief Art Acevedo said he went to the scene and gathered information of his own after the shooting involving two of his officers.

A stolen Kia minivan allegedly involved in the robbery was later recovered, Acevedo said. The van was found empty.

The first names of the officers involved were not released during the news conference You can watch the full bodycam video segments on YouTube, which include graphic content:

Acevedo provided a rundown of the incidents and what can be seen and heard on the body cam video:

Gang Intervention Unit Sgt. Cary airs to his team that “five dudes, Black juveniles all masked up” came from an alley with hoodies and masks on and ran to a strip mall. He said they were looking around and may have been casing a liquor store or a Mexican restaurant.

Jor’Dell allegedly lifted his sweatshirt showing a semiautomatic gun to the clerk and gave demands. A female entered the store to buy something and she was allegedly ordered to stay inside the store, Acevedo said.

The body camera video showed the events starting with an officer saying over the radio, “They just shoplifted out of there.”

Officer Gruszeczka jumps out of the patrol car and tells Jor’Dell to stop and get on the ground as he was chasing him.

“Get on the ground or I’m going to tase you,” Gruszeczka said to the teen.

Snapp yelled at Jor’Dell as he was getting closer to him chasing him, “Get on the ground, you f—— idiot.”

Snapp tackled Jor’Dell to the ground.

“Gun, gun, let go of the f—— gun,” Gruszeczka said as he ran up to Snapp and Jor’Dell on the ground. “I’m going to shoot your a– dude, I’m going to shoot you.”

“You got me, you got me,” Jor’Dell said. A single shot was fired. “I’m sorry. I’m done,” the teen said.

“Shots fired. Give me medical fast,” Gruszeczka said.

Jor’Dell said while laying on the ground, “They made me do it, I don’t know who they were, they made me do it.”

Jor’Dell is on his back and Snapp is over him asking if he has any more weapons on him. Jor’Dell had sustained a single gunshot wound to his abdomen.

Another officer arrives with a medical kit to aid Jor’Dell. One checked for a pulse, and another started CPR.

“God please be with that kid,” one of the officers said as he left the scene.

The weapon recovered at the scene was a pellet gun that looked identical to an HK USP 9mm handgun, Acevedo said.

Two 14-year-olds are in custody facing false imprisonment and aggravated robbery charges. Police have identified other suspects and are working to apprehend them.