AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — William Walton never expected to be homeless, especially since his small business was doing so well. But that changed after officers forced their way into his rental home on Oswego Street last week.

They were searching for a wanted homicide suspect who was visiting the home. Police found the fugitive but damaged nearly everything he had in the home he was renting.

Walton said he had no idea a family friend of his was a wanted fugitive and is still having a hard time believing this happened.

“Sometimes, you might eat and take a little afternoon nap, and then your whole life changes,” Walton said.

The damage caused by officers at his rental home is so bad that he has to move out. They broke down doors, busted out windows and flooded the basement. He has spent hours digging through the rubble.

“It’s a lot, and he’s still going in there finding things,” his friend Clora said.

“You just want to say,’ What could I have done to prevent this? What could I have done to help?’” Walton said.

More than $6,000 in merchandise that Walton sells at a flea market was destroyed. So were many of his own clothes, which he’s trying to salvage. On Wednesday, FOX31 saw him wash load after load at a laundromat.

Can Aurora pay for the damage done by police?

A spokesman for the City of Aurora said a complaint can be filed for the damage caused by police. But collecting damages can be difficult because of the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act.

A person must fill out a form detailing what happened and what was lost in an incident. Walton has not yet filed a claim but is considering doing so. For now, he plans to go to Ohio, where he has family and friends.

“I will hopefully find me a place and figure something out,” Walton said.

He plans to start over and knows tough times are ahead.