AURORA, Colo (KDVR) — Officers from the Aurora Police Department are taking a new approach to get to know their neighbors. 

Officers spent the day at City Park handing out custom skateboards to members of the community. 

“We’re just out here letting them know we’re here, we notice them and we appreciate them doing something positive,” Sgt. Adam Roberts said.  

Roberts said the skateboards are custom-made in California by a close friend. The design features the Rocky Mountains across the deck with the Aurora Police Department logo in the center. 

Aurora Police said the skateboards were custom-made by a friend in California. (KDVR)

“We’re out here building relationships with people that don’t really get to see us that much or talk to us that much,” Roberts said. “Most of the time when someone calls a police officer it’s an emergency and it’s just nice to talk to people that don’t really need us, they’re just here.”  

It’s a gesture that goes a long way for skaters like Aaron Wright, who consider the skatepark a second home.  

“It shows me that they care about the community and who’s out here,” Wright said. “That matters to a lot of us to know that we do have officers that are wondering what we are doing out here and coming out, checking on us, and making sure everything is safe, cool and everyone is just having fun.”  

Roberts said they want others to know they are all part of the same community. 

“We are the same as them, we just have to wear all of this hot gear for a while, but we love the same things as them,” Roberts said. “I can’t skateboard like these guys, but I can longboard.”  

A common interest is now a gift and a reminder of the meaning behind the community. 

“We aren’t robots. We are humans just like them and we are here for them and we appreciate them as much as they appreciate us,” Roberts said. “This is something that they can have forever if they want.” 

Roberts said they’re hoping to hand out more skateboards in the near future and further their connections with the community.