AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) – The Aurora Police Department sent out a warning on Thursday to street racers across the metroplex.

APD is now focusing on what it calls hotspots after a crackdown in May that yielded arrests and citations.

The department sent out a video that showed a pickup truck and a car doing donuts in a warehouse parking lot in northern Aurora. There were riders in the truck’s bed and several people in the middle of both moving vehicles with cell phones who seemed to be recording the chaos.

We discovered tire marks in several parking lots and on streets near 40th Street and Tower Road.

There was even more evidence of street racing outside Dan Montoya’s motorcycle shop and he told FOX31 that he is worried.

“It’s dangerous because there is so much traffic that goes this way and that way. The [streetracers] are flying down the road. They are getting close to causing accidents,” Montoya said.

Police said they are attempting to crackdown on scenes like these, but still, citizens have been complaining.

Now, the promise of more patrols has been made.

“We are trying to get as many as we can in the summer since we know that is the optimal time that people come out at night and on weekends when these warehouses are empty,” Aurora Police Spokesperson Elizabeth McGregor said.

In May, Aurora police wrote 25 tickets, towed 3 vehicles, and are still in the process of seizing two more.

That’s a good thing according to Montoya.

“Especially in these areas. Take it to Bandimere [Speedway.]  They have opened it up so take it to a track. Go race your stuff where it belongs. One of us is going to get hurt. I ride a motorcycle. I’m going to get run over,” Montoya added.

Police caught the white pickup truck that was doing donuts. A 17-year-old was arrested for reckless driving and other charges.

Aurora police said other areas they will focus on include Alameda and Sable, Buckley, and Havana and First.