Aurora police focusing on violent criminals, getting guns off the streets

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AURORA, Colo. — Between setting up a task force to address violent crime and taking 46 guns out of the hands of criminals in January, Aurora police are starting 2020 in a positive direction.

“Protecting the public is really what it comes down to,” said APD Metro Division Chief Terry Brown.

Brown and other department leaders created a violent crimes task force this week, hoping that singling out certain criminals will have a ripple effect in addressing crime in Aurora.

“When you target a violent criminal and you take a violent criminal off the street, you’re impacting several different categories of crimes,” Brown said.

Since 2014, guns used in the commission of crimes in Aurora have gone up 84 percent. The number of guns recovered by Aurora police has almost doubled in that time frame.

“Someone who’s not afraid to pull the trigger, it’s a homicide waiting to happen,” Brown said.

Historically, a large percentage of the guns recovered by the department are stolen, according to Brown. Police will target groups that are stealing guns or buying them in bulk to sell them to gangs. Some of the guns they recover actually come from the community, generally stolen out of homes or people’s cars. That’s why police stress the importance of responsible gun owners securing their firearms.

“We need the collaboration with the community,” Brown said. “We can’t address these problems by ourself.”

Brown says Aurora is not the only place dealing with the problem.

“It’s an issue in the entire metro area,” he said.

Aurora police recommend always keeping your gun in a safe or locked, and keeping handy the make, model and serial number in case it does get stolen, so it can be properly filed in a police database.

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