Aurora police arrest 12-year-old boy for bringing gun to school, pointing it at student

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AURORA, Colo. — A 12-year-old boy is in trouble with the law after Aurora police say he brought a gun to school and pointed it at another child. The juvenile suspect is accused of menacing.

The boy was arrested Tuesday afternoon at Vega Collegiate Academy at 1345 Macon St. in Aurora.

Police say the principal at the charter school confiscated the gun. At one point, police say the boy pointed the gun at another child, leading to a criminal complaint of felony menacing.

“[I’m] very relieved to hear that they definitely stepped in, and they took the right steps and that no one was hurt,” said an academy parent named Nicole.

In letter sent to families, the school’s executive director Kate Mullins said in part, “ …the school immediately moved into a lockdown, and followed all protocols in relation to the search and interview of the child. The good news is that our safety protocols worked.”

The school said it brought in a trauma counselor for students and staff on Wednesday. The school also announced it plans to discuss the Safe2Tell program with students on Friday.

Mullins’ full letter to families is below:

Dear Parents and Families –

We at Vega are committed to the safety and education of all our students and pride ourselves on creating a safe, structured, and joyful environment. This letter is to inform you that one of our students brought a weapon to school yesterday, September 24.

As a school community, we are always on alert for possible safety and security concerns. Once the school was notified about the possibility of a child with a weapon on campus, which occurred at approximately 4:21 pm on Tuesday, September 24, the school immediately moved into a lockdown, and followed all protocols in relation to the search and interview of the child.

The good news is that our safety protocols worked. Upon search of the child’s belongings, a weapon was located and the potential threat was quickly neutralized. Law enforcement was notified and dispatched at 4:25 pm. The child involved is subject to Vega Collegiate Academy school board policies and state laws that govern weapons on school grounds and appropriate actions will be taken to ensure the student involved will no longer be able to pose a threat to students on campus.

Safety is the highest priority for our students and staff at Vega. At no point in the day were staff or students in danger. Through intense training and rigorous protocols, our school’s response to the incident was urgent and efficient, ensuring 100% of students and staff were safe throughout the school day and afterschool program. A trauma counselor has been on site for students and staff today from 10 am – 2 pm, and our social worker is on campus 3 days weekly to provide additional supports.

On Friday, September 27, our community celebration will focus on discussing the Safe2Tell ( program – an online, anonymous reporting program that all members of our community (students, staff, parents) are encouraged to use. We will send home more information regarding Safe2Tell on Friday – please look this information over with your child and stress the importance of communication. If you or your child ever suspect that a person has a weapon on or near our campus, please use Safe2Tell to report the concern, or call the school directly at 720-390-6975.

Our doors are always open – if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to stop by or call us at 720-390-6975. Our Executive Director has reserved time between 9 am and 2 pm on Thursday, September 26 to be 100% available to families who would like to meet in-person.  If you are unable to visit the school during these hours and would like to meet in-person, please call the main office to schedule an appointment.

We are grateful for you – and your children. By working together, and encouraging our children to report every concern, we can continue to keep Vega a joyful, structured, and safe place for children to learn.

Thank you for all you do to support your child, and our school.

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