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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — The City of Aurora is taking a hard look at police officer attrition.

Thursday, members of the police department and city council met as part of a public safety and civil service meeting.

They reviewed crime statistics, as well as sworn-officer retention rates. The numbers are mind-boggling.

The police department, which has been on the national radar for several high-profile cases over the past couple of years, has taken a big retention hit.

“We have lost over one-third [of officers] in the last three years,” said City Councilman David Gruber, who was at Thursday’s meeting.

The Aurora Police Department saw 87 officers leave in 2020, and 89 already in 2021. Those numbers compare to just 58 in 2019. Retirement is the reason for some of the departures.

According to Gruber, the department had 744 sworn officers at last official check.

The department continues to look at nationwide recruitment, with an eye on diversity.

“I do believe we will get our police force back,” added Gruber. “And we will make it the finest in the nation. Right now is a very difficult time.”