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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) – An Aurora officer facing assault charges for strangling a suspect has resigned, FOX31 confirmed.

John Haubert is facing criminal charges for how he handled an arrest in late July.

Arrest affidavits say that Haubert held his gun at a man’s head and strangled him for 39 seconds during an arrest on Friday, July 23, and another officer failed to report the use of force despite being there the entire time.

Aurora police responded Thursday with the following statement:

This afternoon John Haubert submitted his letter of resignation to Chief of Police Vanessa Wilson. This officially ends his employment as a Police Officer with the Aurora Police Department and City of Aurora.

Even though Mr. Haubert has resigned, the Internal Affairs investigation (IA) into his alleged misconduct and the investigation into the force used on Mr. Vinson will continue. After the completion of the IA investigation the case will go through the required review processes and Chief Wilson will then make her final decision on if he violated department directives and what discipline Mr. Haubert would have received if he had not resigned today.

Once that decision has been made it will be released to the public.

Haubert had been on unpaid leave since the the felony charges were filed. The other officer faced misdemeanor charges and has been on paid leave.