AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman announced his new proposed plan to combat homelessness in the city, but not all council members are on board.

“I think it’s important for everyone to have services,” Coffman said on Friday.

He said the plan is to build a campus for those experiencing homelessness. It would be a three-phase approach, the mayor said, with resources to help.

“We want to concentrate our resources on those who want to change their behavior,” Coffman said.

3-phase approach in Aurora homeless proposal

The first phase would be for those who need assistance like food and shelter. The second phase, a more permanent option, would be for those willing to get addiction recovery or mental health services, along with job training.

The third phase, also a more permanent option, would be for those working.

“We’re obviously going to pay for the construction cost of the facility,” Coffman said.

Coffman said the city is also looking to Adams and Arapahoe counties for funding, along with the state.

Council to take final vote on Monday

But not all members of the Aurora City Council are on board, like Juan Marcano of Ward 4.

“Aurora should be pursuing the most cost-effective strategy it can to combat homelessness, and that is permanent supportive housing modeled after Houston’s incredible success,” Marcano said. “I do not believe a costly campus is in the best interests of Aurorans, housed and unhoused alike.  That said, I understand the Republican majority wants a campus, so my hope is that we can implement best practices at the campus to ensure it is as effective as it can be.”

The council will take the final vote on Monday.