AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — A new program that will hopefully curb the youth violence crisis is being launched by the City of Aurora.

Youth violence has spiked by 22% in Aurora over the past year.

The new program is called SAVE, which stands for “Standing Against Violence Everyday.” It’s a collaboration between Aurora Police and several community groups.

The program will involve direct intervention with groups of kids who are at the highest risk of being involved in crime or being the victims of crime.

A variety of services will be offered including mental health resources, housing, food and help with school.

Aurora City Council Member Rubin Medina said, “Much work remains, but this is a successful route to reducing crime, strengthening our neighborhoods, and keeping our most vulnerable alive and out of prison.”

Similar programs are now in place in cities like Miami, Chicago and Philadelphia.

Aurora is the first to implement it in Colorado.