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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — A 19-year-old man was arrested after setting a fire in his house and an altercation with an officer on Sunday.

Muhammed Ibraheem Afie is facing charges of first-degree arson, second-degree assault and obstructing a peace officer or firefighter.

Aurora Fire Rescue battled the blaze at 3616 S. Idalia St. around noon and got it under control quickly. Firefighters said there were no people or animals injured in the fire.

According to an arrest document, Afie set his sister’s dolls on a lit stove, sprayed lighter fluid around the house and lit 16 candles in another room because “God told him to.”

Aurora Police Officer Vander Molen’s body camera video showed Afie at the residence and firefighters told him it was dangerous and to leave, the document said. When he left and walked across the street, another officer tried to stop him, he jerked away from the officer and walked back to the house.

When Vander Molen tried to block Afie from reentering the house, Afie forcefully shoved Vander Molen in the chest, the arrest document said. Vander Molen brought Afie to the ground and the two struggled which resulted in injury to two of the Aurora officer’s fingers.

Vander Molen was able to handcuff Afie and he was then taken to a patrol car. The arrest document said Afie was “rambling, referring to ‘Allah,’ and burning idols.”

Afie denied having been on any drugs and is being held at the Aurora Detention Center.

He appeared in court Monday for advisement. The judge issued a mental health stay and a competency evaluation and set the bond at $50,000. His next court appearance is scheduled for March 9.