Update: Aurora City Council postponed a planned Monday vote on the measure. A number of amendments were up for consideration, but the council postponed the vote until a complete proposal can be presented.

AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — The Aurora City Council is on the verge of passing a resolution that would lead to the establishment of a “campus” for people experiencing homelessness.

On Monday, FOX31 learned a council member who had been fighting it may have found some middle ground, meaning the campus could become a reality sooner than later. If the resolution passes Monday night, a campus would be built for people experiencing homelessness in Aurora.

The proposed area is near Smith Road, near East 32nd Avenue and Chambers Road. The mayor has said the campus would try to help people change their behavior.

Aurora homeless campus would take 3-phase approach

By some estimates, there are about 600 unhoused people in Aurora. The city says it needs about 8,500 affordable housing beds.

Council Member Juan Marcano had not been in favor of the campus idea. But he said he’s confident some new amendments will be added that could actually have him support the resolution.

“I want to insure that we are including rapid re-housing strategies, which are some of the most effective ways you can get folks out of homelessness, or transition long-term homeless back into stability,” Marcano said.

If the resolution passes, there would be three phases for addressing homelessness. They would include food and shelter, job training for people willing to get addiction recovery or mental health services and services for people who are working.

Some of these ideas came after visiting other cities like Houston and San Antonio.

If the resolution passes, the city would then start working on more specific features of the campus. They would also determine where the money would come from.