DENVER (KDVR) — An Aurora-based company was ordered by the Denver District Court to pause production, sales and services at its storefront after an investigation found that it had engaged in fraudulent and deceptive trade practices.

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser announced Wednesday that his office won the court ruling last week.

“The false documents this company sold, including those used by criminals to victimize Coloradans and to fool law enforcement and other officials, were not harmless props,” Weiser said.

The Consumer Protection Section in the Colorado Department of Law found that the company, PropDoks, promised customers that it would create nearly any false document.

According to a press release from Weiser, PropDoks sold documents like vehicle titles, tax documents, vaccination records, license plates, court orders, military deployment papers and others that would have otherwise been generated by government agencies

The company’s website and storefront had disclaimers that stated that their product documents were meant for prop, theatrical and educational purposes only, according to court documents.

An image in the complaint shows a paper in a window that reads: “Please do not tell us what you are using our products for or we will not make them. Simply, tell us what to make you.”

“Whether through creating false documents or any other product that harms Coloradans, my office will hold accountable companies engaging in fraudulent, deceptive, and unconscionable practices like the ones in this case,” Weiser said.

The complaint document states that the company does not offer any product or service other than false documents, false guns, false verification, false prescription pills and bottles.