DENVER (KDVR) — When the snow moved in Thursday at one of the city’s largest college campuses it closed early.

Many of the students at the Auraria campus drive or take public transportation to cities across the Denver metro. An alert was sent out saying classes would be canceled to due to inclement weather. A flurry of students could be seen heading home early.

Student Swarupa Killamsapty rides the bus from Broomfield to get to the large campus. She wishes the campus had shut down earlier.

“I think so but the dismissal at 3 p.m. if they moved to maybe 12 that would be fine for us because at 3 pm we don’t much classes here,” Killamsapty said.

Some students were caught off guard. One of them we saw, Max Markgraf, was wearing shorts in freezing, windy 20-degree temperatures.

“I’m a shorts-wearing winter guy. I’ve been that my whole life,” Markgraf said.

Some students were using the occasion to have a little fun by sliding on the snow and having snowball fights. But Jaime Gonzalez knew the shutdown came early for a good reason.

“I think it’s safer for the students that drive. Instead of having to drive to class, it’s better to be at home and not have to drive in this weather,” Gonzalez said.