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DENVER METRO, Colo. (KDVR) — UPDATE (2:24 p.m.): Auraria Campus said there is no threat but will keep classes canceled and the campus closed for the day.

ORIGINAL: Threats to several local college campuses have either caused a lockout or full shut down and evacuation Friday morning.

The official Auraria Campus account tweeted that the threat is being investigated, asking people to remain calm and leave campus.

The campus includes the Metropolitan State University of Denver, the University of Colorado Denver and the Community College of Denver.

The Community College of Aurora and the Red Rocks Community College campuses are both on lockout due to what they are saying is a statewide threat to the Colorado Community College System.

“Last night a number of individuals in the CCA community and the greater Colorado Community College System, received threats of harm and warnings of acts of violence,” the CCA website said.

A CCA alert sent out said that outside doors are locked, but activity inside the buildings is continuing as normal and anyone outside the buildings on campus should leave until an all-clear message is sent out.

Several Front Range Community College campuses were put on lockout due to threats as well.

Out of caution with the threat to the CCCS, the University of Colorado Boulder has canceled classes and activities for the day but said there is no current threat to the campus.

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs has also closed their campus and will remain closed due to the threat to the CCCS. According to the Denver FBI, there is no threat to the campus and it will reopen on Saturday.